WOVEN CHAIN WRAPPED EARRINGWoven Chain Wrapped Earring $135 - $385 ROSETTE HOLDER NECKLACERosette Holder Necklace $1,410 EXTRA LONG BEADED KESHI PEARL EARRINGExtra Long Beaded Keshi Pearl Earring $2,155 - $2,650 EXTRA LONG KESHI PEARL DANGLE EARRINGExtra Long Keshi Pearl Dangle Earring $680
SMALL KESHI STICK PEARL EARRINGSmall Keshi Stick Pearl Earring $385 AMETHYST LOCKET CHARM RINGLocket Charm Ring $1,740 NEW CLUSTER NECKLACENew Cluster Necklace $1,605 - $10,260 KESHI PEARL MESH NECKLACEKeshi Pearl Mesh Necklace $4,270
BAROQUE PEARL SWAN PENDANTBaroque Pearl Swan Pendant $4,565 TAHITIAN KESHI PEARL RINGTahitian Keshi Pearl Ring $2,200 PEARL CLUSTER EARRINGPearl Cluster Earring $680 KESHI PEARL MESH BRACELETKeshi Pearl Mesh Bracelet $4,115
DOUBLE BAROQUE PEARL DROP EARRINGDouble Baroque Pearl Drop Earring $3,500 LUXE COMBO CHARM DOUBLE BRACELETLuxe Combo Charm Double Bracelet $9,550 PEARL DISC DANGLE EARRINGPearl Disc Dangle Earring $750 ETRUSCAN PEARL BANGLEEtruscan Pearl Bangle $2,410
SOUTH SEA PEARL EARRINGSSouth Sea Pearl Earrings $1,340 PEARL DISC EARRINGSPearl Disc Earrings $1,110 MOLTEN CLUSTER TAHITITAN PEARL CHARM NECKLACEMolten Cluster Tahitian Pearl Charm Necklace $1,950 MOLTEN CLUSTER TAHITITAN PEARL CHARM NECKLACEMolten Cluster Tahitian Pearl Charm Necklace $3,930
COLORED DIAMOND CLUSTER CHOKERColored Diamond Cluster Choker $330 - $3,500 TINY CHARM NECKLACETiny Charm Necklace $1,400 KESHI PEARL LARGE AND SMALL BOX EARRINGKeshi Pearl Large And Small Box Earring $585 AMERICAN NATURAL PEARL  CHARM NECKLACEAmerican Natural Pearl Charm Necklace $4,279
SIGNATURE LONG SPIRAL  BEADED EARRINGLong Spiral Beaded Earring $265 - $1,320 BRIOLETTE SMALL CLUSTER DROP EARRINGBriolette Small Cluster Drop Earring $200 - $5,510 ORGANIC BEADS CHARM NECKLACEOrganic Beads Charm Necklace $310 - $990 SIGNATURE BEADED  TAHITIAN PEARL DROP EARRINGSignature Beaded Tahitian Pearl Drop Earring $1,960
TAHITIAN PEARL  PENDANT NECKLACETahitian Pearl Pendant Necklace $1,840 SIGNATURE SHORT SPIRAL  BEADED EARRINGShort Spiral Beaded Earring $155 - $1,200 SIGNATURE BEADED   PEARL DROP EARRINGSignature Beaded Pearl Drop Earring $230 - $560 TAHITIAN KESHI PEARL CLUSTER NECKLACETahitian Keshi Pearl Cluster Necklace $2,115
SHELL SHAPE WITH PEARL CLUSTER EARRINGShell Shape With Pearl Cluster Earring $595 - $1,990 PEARL CHARM NECKLACEPearl Charm Necklace $1,365 ORIGINAL SMALL CROSS PEARL EARRINGOriginal Small Cross Pearl Earring $85 - $265 WOVEN CHAIN LACE LINK EARRINGWoven Chain Lace Link Earring $205 - $950
ALL AROUND BEADED  SPIRAL NECKLACEAll Around Beaded Spiral Necklace $1,430 WOVEN CHAIN CREST PEARL EARRINGWoven Chain Crest Pearl Earring $100 - $420 TAHITIAN PENDANT CHARM NECKLACETahitian Pendant Charm Necklace $1,255 SHIELD EARRINGShield Earring $450 - $1,035
WOVEN CHAIN LACE LINK EXTRA LONG EARRINGWoven Chain Lace Link Extra Long Earring $360 - $1,645 CRESCENT SHAPED BEAD HOLDER EARRINGCrescent Shaped Bead Holder Earring $460 - $1,905 EXTRA LONG PEARL CLUSTER EARRINGExtra Long Pearl Cluster Earring $1,430 BRIOLETTE CLUSTER DROP EARRINGBriolette Cluster Drop Earring $240 - $2,550
PAISLEY CLUSTER AND STONE DROP EARRINGPaisley Cluster And Stone Drop Earring $900 - $1,905